Well, we are finally here!

After over a year and a half of dreaming and months of planning, we are one week out from the inaugural Winter Market. The Winter Market is inspired by the open-air Christmas Markets held all across Europe. You can find some information about our inspiration for Winter Market here:


and here:


These events are scheduled around the Advent Calendar and have been going on for centuries – They have become as much a part of the cities in which they’re held as the citizens themselves! Truly, markets like these were “shop local” events before the advent of the Hashtag.

When we opened WunderHaus, our goal was to contribute to the local economy by helping to sustain the Farmers, Brewers, Bee Keepers, and Artisans that make Arkansas so beautiful. This project is very much a continuation of that effort. All proceeds generated from the Market will go into a fund aimed at creating green spaces throughout Conway, and a larger “Brick and Mortar” Market that will serve as a more permanent hub for those Craftspeople, Farmers, Local Artists, and purveyors of fine, handmade goods.

Our intent is to enhance our sense of community here in the City of Colleges, and to make Conway a more walkable, verdant, and family friendly place to live. We love this place we call our Home and hope to contribute to its betterment through collaborative efforts like Winter Market.

As we continue into the week, we will be updating this site to include a loose “schedule of events” and more information about this exciting new event. We so look forward to sharing this incredible project with the wonderful people we call “neighbors.”

We can’t wait!

Jacqueline Smith
Co-Owner at WunderHaus