Hello everyone! What a day! 

Today we put the finishing touches on the decoration for the interior of Wunderhaus 🍻!  We completed our vendor map and have sent out detailed instructions to all vendors.  Maps will be printed and available to everyone at the information booth which will be manned by a few smiling (and probably familiar faces).  Preview the map below or on our official website on the schedule of events page – https://wundermarkets.org/schedule/.  

It has been a privilege to meet with and get to know, or get to know better, each of the vendors.  Conway is in for a treat because these are some of the most talented, creative and passionate people on the planet.  Each one is thrilled to be a founding vendor of Conway’s first Winter Market and will be appreciative of everyone who braves the cold to visit with them and support them in their booth.  

We have electricity, bathrooms, and a real plan set in place. 

It’s raining and cold here in Conway, and we’re ready to start decorating the street with lights and such.  We’ve had people come out of the woodwork who are eager to see this thing through. Isn’t it amazing that we get to do a project like this? 

We have some advertisements going out, but we are depending on word of mouth (because that’s the best advertising of all). Please share our Facebook page and website, create a buzz, get your friends and family in on this spectacular experiment. If people see other people here, they’re more likely to feel compelled to join in the fun. We are aware most Arkansans tend to hibernate this time of year, so it’s critical we create buzz around this event.  If you are excited, share your excitement.  If you are planning to come, plan to bring someone to come with you.

LET ME TELL YOU that we are soooo excited that we get to do this thing. Let’s all revel in the fact that we get to experience Conway’s first winter market, that this market is not just simply about getting people to shop local, but that we have a broader vision in mind, which is to make our little corner of Arkansas a truly community-oriented place. 

That being said, it is our first year… so we are extra thankful for any patience you might extend our way.

We see ourselves as extremely lucky to facilitate such an undertaking and we can’t wait for Sunday!