Today is Robin Ralston’s Birthday. She says “I’m grateful for another year.” We are too… because Robin’s family grows and mills their own brand of rice. We feature the fruits of their labor on our menus and we feed it to our children. We’ve been doing business with Ralston Family Farm for the past 5 months or so and we’ve been fortunate to watch each other’s business grow. During this time, we’ve met and fed three generations of the Ralston family and talked about so much more than business. 

Robin is taking time away from her already busy schedule to help us with the Market this Sunday. 

My dear friend Kate, who we met during our “Wunderbus” days brought our sponsor Christmas tree up from the amazing folks at River Valley Horticultural Products. 

 Our servers are volunteering their time to help coordinate. Leila Joy And Erin have been on the forefront of this endeavor, and are planning to see it through…. donning fairy wings and reindeer antlers.

Elizabeth Molica from Conway Human Development Center has been instrumental in offering feed back, advocating for both the Master Gardeners and CDHC, and coordinating the infrastructure for our main entrance. She coordinated the Polar Express event and still managed to devote time to this endeavor. 

A handful of our favorite “regulars” at the restaurant have volunteered to help with the market in various ways. 

Auguste, my dear brother, has brought levity to the whole thing, decorated a float, helped with paperwork, and has pieced together some of the schedule for the WunderHaus stage… We will release that information first thing in the morning!

On top of that, my amazing husband has not only orchestrated our Biergarten, has helped run the kitchen while I worked on this event, but also folded all of our laundry. That is what you call a “keeper.”

The thing is… I could go on and on about these people. I’m sure I will after this is all over… but that’s what this is about, right? The season, this event, small business. It’s all about community. Family. And hot chocolate, of course. 

The lights have arrived – we’ll start hanging them in the morning. We’ll decorate the toad store and we’ll finish assembling and organizing all of our Winter Market paraphernalia! We’ll plan Mrs. Claus.

Just a little while longer, and we will get to see all of you beautiful people!