We are less than 24 hours away from our first ever Summer Market! In spite of previous forecasts, the weather will be hot, but bearable. Just in case, we are preparing a cooling station to keep everybody safe in this Arkansas heat! 

In the past week, we have coordinated with mermaid story tellers, put together a menu for the WunderGrill, finalized our vendor map, fielded our electrical needs, put together a comprehensive list of activities for children, expanded our website, foraged for “moon rocks,” and put together a green space initiative sketch. Today, we cleaned up our parking lot, made sure that our portable toilet is in place, procured the barricades for the street, procured bales of straw for seating as well as numerous other necessary items. And that’s just scratching the surface!

Everything our team does, we do for our community, and we do for the children in our community.  This Summer Market, to celebrate that youth and creativity, we will have a “March of the Moons.” This parade is a first for us, and we are so excited. The children craft moon masks, and in the evening, we will lead our moon masked children in a procession around the market grounds. 

The beautiful thing is that the WunderMarkets are a community effort. They are hosted by WunderHaus, but assembled and run by people who genuinely care about our city and the direction it takes. We are humbled by the generous sponsorship of The Locals, Conway EcoFest, Rock Pond Pros, Palmer Music Co., Summit Community Care, America Jane Vintage, Certain Little Free Class Pantry, and Happily Ever After Parties. And without the help of them, and the aid of some incredible and tireless volunteers, these markets wouldn’t be possible. 

There’s something magical about a community effort. Everyone joins in. Everyone lends a hand. Everyone cares. That is what makes our city great – it is what makes these markets great. 

And here we are, hours away from our first Summer Market, the second in our seasonal series, and we are overwhelmed by the graciousness of this city and the many friends who’ve stepped in to make this thing beautiful. 

We hope that tomorrow, when you join us for the festivities, you take into account that many hands make light work… and that you take a moment to thank the folks that were involved in putting all of this together.

With all our love,

Jacqueline Smith and Jessica Angel