It’s a chilly morning here in Conway – it’s crisp and sunny and perfect for planning.  We have meetings all day with people who are contributing to this cause. Thanksgiving has come and gone, but I find my self filled with this overwhelming feeling of gratitude. What better way to celebrate a season filled with magic than plan a market with people we love, people who inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. 

Sometimes, in the process of growing up – becoming adults, buying homes, running businesses – we lose our sense of wonder. We forget to take time to breathe the cold winter air – to feel it fill our lungs. The holiday season begins to lose its magic as it fills up with deadlines and obligations. Snowflakes become obstacles rather than opportunities. Now is the start of the holiday season. Shopping centers will fill with people who, pressed for time and stressed by the ‘requirements’ of the season, may forget that “so-and-so” who doubled parked is a person. I know. I’ve been there. 

But each day is an opportunity to make the world around us brighter. If I think of that in very small terms, it’s not such a difficult thing to manage. What small steps can I take today to make the world more wonderful tomorrow? How can we make this season about time, versus dollars spent? How can we give Love – the gift that when given, is exponentiated.

For us, the Winter Market is a step in the right direction. Bringing a renewed sense of wonder to our little corner of Locust & Oak Street is a small but worthwhile effort. I have the rare opportunity to see this thing through with my family by my side… so it feels a little like planning a massive Christmas party. 

As we plan for what looks to be a very busy week, know that we are thinking of all of you and your families too, and how we can make this holiday season a magical one.