It’s almost midnight. We are so tired and so full of excitement. 

Today, Auguste and I decorated the Winter Fest float (laughing all the way because it looked so “pieced together” and that is the way we approach everything), Jessica Crum, our Wunderkind Korner Orchestrator secured donations from Lowes (she’s probably still wrapping “presents” for our life-sized checkerboard), we had a successful event at the  restaurant (which is now fully decorated), we got to visit with a number of community leaders, and my beautiful little girl is sound asleep. 

At lunch, I got to meet with one of the players in the Conway Symphony Orchestra. We looked at the weather around sunset, and I described to him my reasoning behind having horns play right at Sunset. Out little Corner gets illuminated by the evening sun – and it seems only right that horns might cut through the cold twilight. 

We even learned a great deal about why horn players don’t typically play when it’s extremely cold!

 On top of all that, the vendor layout is finally finished with 35 amazing vendors!!! 

 Tomorrow, we send it out to all our vendors, publish, and print it. 

The weather looks like it might get worse for the next day or two, but we are sunny skies on Sunday – it will be cold and cozy. I just know it.

Speaking of knowing… tonight I learned that Conway is home to some incredible people. Some of them are working to make this project come to light, and we could not be more excited.

Thank you for bringing Winter Fest into fruition, y’all. What a city!