The Restaurant is dark, except for a singular string of Christmas lights that illuminate table 16, where it looks like my Brother has enjoyed a game of chess the night before – most probably with one of our treasured former employees who’s gone on to do big and wonderful things. I started this Blog post thinking that if I got a jump start, I might not post the thing so late in the evening. But the day was full of one hundred questions and 

We made over 150 Lebkuchenherzen – the traditional German Gingerbread Cookies, we met with our first group of volunteers, my daughter plays with “hot hands” the warming bags, and our dear friend Kate brought tree trimmings for which to decorate the entryway. 

Cody Sublett brought our Winter Market sign, which will grace the entry to our market. We have a ten foot tree that will hold our inaugural sponsor ornaments. 

Our volunteers braved the cold to decorate the Toad Store – it will be the stage for pIctures with Santa Claus.. and right next to that area will be a Mrs. Claus’ Story Time tent, where she will read stories every hour for about 25 minute blocks. We have a music schedule set, and snacks for our vontunteers (it looks to be about 10 + at this point). We’re all exhausted, but full of hope for tomorrow’s endeavor. 

Tonight, the restaurant is full of familiar and new faces. Our “Santa” received his meal and his Costume. We’ve organized all of our decorations and lights for the morning… we’ve place our orders, and we’ve made lists of what’s to be done for the coming event. It’s going to be the best day ever. I can just feel it in my bones. I had no idea that this “idea” would gain so much momentum… and yet, here we are. 

Our people are happy to help. The lights and electricity are in order. 

The cookies are half way done. 

The pretzels are ready for copious amounts of butter and salt. And the amazing Mulled Wine and Spiked Hot Chocolate are in their beginning stages.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Winter Market.