Every day, we check the weather. Every. Day.

With all the rain we’ve been getting, we’re preoccupied with fielding any issues that might come up due to inclement weather. While we’re aware that the cold may be an obstacle for some, the thought of a White Winter Market thrills us. If only a light dusting snow would grace our little Winter Market…

So, the forecast is as follows: Rain and Snow Showers on Saturday. A bit of Snow and Sunshine on Sunday. What would happen if it snowed? We’d bundle up and push forward. Wouldn’t that be sweet… A little snow on the ground through which to tread? For us, it would be like icing on a very sweet cake. A light dusting of snow would be like free decorations.

Today we met with our social media and volunteer liaisons, shot a short video of Auguste, my brother who outlined the goal of this project and who is now cutting cedar branches with which to decorate the “Winter Market” float for the parade the night before. We’re receiving the last of vendor payments… and getting to meet those folks who will make our market successful. We’re working late into the evening, and dining with employees that have become our family.

We’re working on vendor placement, mapping things out so that our vendors who require electricity have access to it. We’re planning menus, organizing decorations, and decking the halls of our little Restaurant. We’re meeting with Mrs. Claus, who will have her own “story time” tent. We’re tying all the loose ends, so that when Sunday arrives, we have a plan in place.

Did we mention that Red Curtain Theater will grace our stage with scenes from “Les Miserables?” That’s happening too. How beautiful that our community has come together to make the Market something that is truly WONDERFUL!

How lucky are we that we get to share all of this with our beautiful “City of Colleges,” with all of you?

Get your hats, coats, gloves, and dancing shoes ready for Sunday – the forecast promises us all a memorable event.