Well, Conway, we are finally here! Today is the day! Winter Market is upon us. 

As we piece together all that we’ve assembled over the past few months, know that we are preparing for a very busy day. Our vendors will begin arriving and setting up around 8am. Our block of Oak street will be closed off right at 7:30. We’re going to put the finishing touches on lighting and layout during that time, and feed our volunteers. 

I can’t believe we are doing this incredible thing. I still can’t believe that we have the opportunity to serve our community through an effort like this. It’s truly amazing. 

I hope you all will join us today for the festivities. The rain has come to a halt – the weather is pretty mild, and the streets aren’t iced over as predicted. This first Winter Market looks like it will be a huge success, and it is all due to our incredible community leaders, artists, organizers, vendors, and volunteers. This incredible and worthwhile endeavor has enriched my life beyond what words could describe. 

I can’t wait to sing/walk/shop/dine with all of you! Please bundle up and join in all of the fun!