What are the WunderMarkets?

Jacqueline Smith, co-owner of the farm-to-table restaurant WunderHaus, knows the value of her community.  She wanted to build green spaces in Conway, and she wanted to connect her neighbors to talented local artisans and farmers.
Thus, the WunderMarkets were born.
A series of seasonal markets, the WunderMarkets provide a family centered, open-air market patterned after European markets.

2019 Wunder Markets

Spring | Summer | Autumn | Winter

Building on the success of the 2018 Winter Market, WunderHaus and Friends are hosting four seasonal markets. 

The WunderMarkets are a series of seasonal, European style, “shop local” events that are “for the community, by the community.”  Each market will feature local artisans, farmers, performing artists, and food and beverages in an open-air setting.

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Our Sponsors

We are so grateful to the community members who have contributed to make the WunderMarkets reach their fullest potential.  With the support of our sponsors, our impact on our community was even greater than we could have imagined.


April 19



August 16


September 20


November 29